ExtractOnDemand for SAP R/3 with License Key

ExtractOnDemand for SAP R/3 (EOD) provides SAP end-users, SAP management, and ABAP programmers with a single intuitive graphical user interface that enables you to access, browse, and extract data from all available SAP R/3 objects and modules. Extensive navigation and intelligent search features enable the rapid discovery and extraction of relevant data sets. ExtractOnDemand for SAP provides intelligent search capabilities to ensure you find the data that you need. You can browse effortlessly through tables, objects and even preview the data. Once you have found the data, all you need to do is drag-and-drop individual fields or the whole table into the EOD Workspace. No more code writing – it s automatically generated for you. Before and after retrieving the data, you can define limits, filter, and sort criteria. If you need to apply transformation or cleansing rules to the generated SAP data stream, you can directly transform it using Warehouse Workbench – our ETL product.
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