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PRIMOVAL Valuation Software for Chartered Surveyors.

Designed for Property Professionals engaged in Valuation, Development, Asset Management, and Investment,

A Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 Application.

Rich in features, categorized as Valuation Forms, and Valuation Maths.

The Valuation Forms, enhance your Reports with Professionally Designed Prints:

Cash Flow ** – Balance, Summated Interest, Final Balance

Discounted Cash Flow ** – Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return – Generate Sinusoidal Cost Plan Payments

Investment Valuation – Single Properties and Portfolios, Equivalent Yield

Residual Valuation (Site Value from Profit) and Appraisal (Profit from Site Value) – Commercial, Residential, Mixed Use, Multi-Phase – SDLT, On Costs, Sensitivity Analysis, and Consolidation ** indicates Annual, Biannual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily

The Valuation Maths, with an infinite number of permutations:

Amount of One Pound Amount of One Pound P.A. Annual Sinking Fund * Annuity * Conversion of Units Equivalent Rent * Equivalent Yield * Fisher Effect Interest Rate Parity Theory Present Value Real Value Years’ Purchase * Traditional Years’ Purchase * * indicates Annually in Arrears, and Quarterly in Advance.

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